This is me!

Nothing can make you feel more alive than when you’re fulfilling your true purpose in life. Take it from Carolina Brown, a remarkable woman who dared to blast through the confines of her comfort zone to chase and materialize her lifelong dreams. Her new podcast, All is Possible, is her way of empowering her fellow woman to do the same thing.

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Carolina has always had a zest for life, a burning interest in business and finance, and a profound passion for all things requiring her creativity. These qualities followed her to the United States when she and her family relocated there at the age of eleven. After earning a B.A. in international business, she has loyally served in the banking industry for over fifteen years, working for many leading financial institutions, including the Latin American development bank in Washington, DC. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her career, she longed for more freedom to get creative.

Upon joining the Art Institute of Washington to pursue her passion for the arts, she and a handful of her peers were hand-chosen to contribute to the Mercedes Benz fashion week as volunteers. It was a pivotal moment under which the stars aligned to bring this remarkable leader together with her genuine and artistic purpose in life. It was the beginning of the merging of her two worlds: business and creativity. Ms. Brown launched her own line of highly practical, epic quality leather handbags for female professionals. And it was a hit!

Her designs are infused with the strength that lies at the center of every woman; the same sustenance she brings to the All is Possible podcast! In 2015, Carolina shut down her online boutique to focus on becoming debt-free with her husband, a goal they exceeded together in just two years. During that time, she also took the agency to zero in on her health, wellness, and self-growth, which may have been the most important decision she has ever made. Through committing to changing her mindset, achieving balance in life, and embracing her true calling, Brown is now living her best life as the best version of herself!

All is Possible is Carolina’s platform for inspiring others to leave comfort behind in exchange for a blissful existence, one in which you fulfill your destiny and purpose simultaneously. This podcast features her inspiring personal stories, best guidance, and powerful interviews with some of the very people who’ve helped her shape the life of her dreams so that you, too, can begin your meaningful journey. Miss Brown firmly believes that if she, an immigrant from Colombia, can achieve such greatness, then anyone can. And that includes you! Are you ready to discover, embrace, and advance your God-given talents? Then, tune in to All is Possible, the podcast that is transforming women’s lives around the world!